Visit Us and Play <br>Your Favorite Arcade Games!

Visit Us and Play
Your Favorite Arcade Games!

Safari Land has created some of the wildest entertainment areas, with something that everyone can enjoy!  High-tech hunters can capture any of our more than 100 video arcade games.  We have games for the little ones such as Bozo’s buckets, or we have a test of skill on our NBA Hoops.  Win tickets as you play some of your favorite games and choose to accumulate them or redeem for prizes.  Most games will accept our adventure card which will store the tickets you won on the card.  A handful of games that accept only tokens will distribute tickets.  Redeem your tickets at our Redemption Center where there are dozens of prizes to choose from.
Our games range from 75¢ to no more than $2.00 per play.

If you do not want to carry around your belongings - we have lockers for rental.  We ask that you please do not place jackets, food, or drinks on our games.

Here is a small sampling of some of our games:

  • Air FX (air hockey)
  • Big Bass Wheel
  • Cruis’n blast
  • Fishbowl Frenzy
  • Iceball FX (skee ball)
  • Jurassic World
  • Monster Drop
  • Pop The Lock
  • Rabbids Hollywood
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • For the wee-ones: Multiple Ride-In/Driving cars (2 tokens)
  • Plus, many more fun and exciting games!